Natuurwijn, wijn uit de natuur

Natural wine

Wine from nature A Deep Dive into Natural Wines Wine enthusiasts are always seeking new flavor experiences, and natural wines have garnered much attention lately. These unique wines, also known as “vin naturel,” offer an intriguing glimpse into the world of winemaking. In this blog, I delve deeper into natural wines, from their origins to […]

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yerba mate

yerba mate

Discover Yerba Maté In countries like Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, and parts of Brazil, maté is more than just a beverage. Ready to tantalize your taste buds and uplift your spirit? This indigenous South American drink, rooted in ancient rituals, possesses a timeless allure that is both heartwarming and invigorating. We delve into a world where

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Vissen in Frankrijk BIV Outdoor

Fishing in France

Fishing in France Besides being the “mecca for carp anglers”, France is known for many more fish species. France so special for anglers is that within driving distance from the Netherlands, you can catch fish in a pleasant climate. Both carp in freshwater and sea bass along the coast. This means that during one fishing

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offline vakantie

Offline vacation

Offline vakantie, jouw digitale detox! Why we really need to let go Looking for real adventure? Here we go! This time, not a trek over the mountains, but we’re embarking on a more challenging path: the journey to complete “digital disconnection.” Relaxation is closer than you think, and even though you’re reading this on a

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salad, fruit, berry-2756467.jpg

wfpb diet

WFPB Diet The benefits of a plant-based diet and delicious WFPB breakfast recipes In recent years, the plant-based diet has gained popularity, with more and more people embracing this healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. As an advocate of a Whole Food Plant-Based (WFPB) diet, I’m delighted to share some insights about the benefits and share

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Guarana zaden

Discover Guarana

Discover Guarana A natural energy boost As a lover of natural supplements and healthy energy sources, my curiosity about guarana was quickly piqued. These small nutty seeds, originating from a climbing plant in the Amazon rainforest, have held a special place in the traditions of indigenous populations for centuries. The science behind the benefits of

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Vissen in Nederland - BIV Outdoor

Fishing in Holland

Fishing in Holland Holland, Waterland The Netherlands is fantastic for anglers, with an abundance of fishing opportunities in various waters, ranging from canals and rivers to commercial fishing ponds and beautiful narrow streams, as well as the expansive coastline along the North Sea. I will provide you with text and explanations about the popular fish

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