Natuurwijn, wijn uit de natuur

Natural wine

Wine from nature A Deep Dive into Natural Wines Wine enthusiasts are always seeking new flavor experiences, and natural wines have garnered much attention lately.

yerba mate

yerba mate

Discover Yerba Maté In countries like Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, and parts of Brazil, maté is more than just a beverage. Ready to tantalize your taste

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wfpb diet

WFPB Diet The benefits of a plant-based diet and delicious WFPB breakfast recipes In recent years, the plant-based diet has gained popularity, with more and

Guarana zaden

Discover Guarana

Discover Guarana A natural energy boost As a lover of natural supplements and healthy energy sources, my curiosity about guarana was quickly piqued. These small

yerba mate vs guarana

Yerba mate versus guarana

Yerba Mate vs. Guarana, this is what you want to know! When using Yerba Mate and Guarana together, it’s smart to start with small amounts.

BIV Outdoor | Your WFPB experience starts here

Bringing Whole Food – Plant Based closer

At BIV Outdoor, we believe in the importance of a healthy lifestyle that is in harmony with nature. That’s why, in addition to outdoor cooking, we also offer a collection of blogs specifically dedicated to the Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle (WFPB diet). Our WFPB blogs are designed to inform, inspire, and guide you on your journey towards a more nourishing, pure, and sustainable life. Here you will find a wealth of information, tips, and delicious recipes to help you embrace a plant-based diet and enjoy its many benefits. Explore our different categories and delve deeper into the world of WFPB!

WFPB Recipes

WFPB Recipes Let your taste buds dance with our collection of delightful WFPB recipes. From colourful salads to hearty stews and flavourful smoothie bowls, these recipes are packed with nutrients to energise your body and nourish your mind. Discover how to prepare delicious meals that not only fill you up but also nourish you. We also explain the risks, such as with “Yerba Maté vs. Guarana” – superfoods can’t always be used without risk, so information beforehand is important.

WFPB for Beginners

Are you new to the world of Whole Food Plant Based eating? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our beginner’s guide takes you step by step through the basics of a WFPB diet. Learn about the best food choices, essential nutrients, and handy tips to successfully kickstart your new nutritional journey. Yerba Maté, Guarana, and Natural Wines are very popular, we take you through and tell you more about them.

Together for the planet

Discover the connection between a WFPB lifestyle and sustainability. Learn how choosing plant-based foods contributes to reducing your ecological footprint and promoting environmentally friendly practices. Find out how small changes in your diet can have a positive impact on the planet.

The science behind WFPB

Immerse yourself in the science behind WFPB. Explore the latest research and findings supporting the benefits of a plant-based diet for your health. From reducing the risk of chronic diseases to improving your overall well-being, science shows why WFPB is so powerful.

WFPB is for active lifestyles

Are you an outdoor enthusiast who loves adventure? Discover how you can support your active lifestyle with WFPB nutrition. Learn about the best pre-workout and post-workout meals, and discover how plant-based nutrition can help enhance your performance and speed up recovery.

Culinary creativity = WFPB

Unleash your creativity in the kitchen with our WFPB recipes. Learn how to combine different ingredients to create flavourful and nutritious meals. Discover how WFPB cooking invites you to explore new flavours and broaden your culinary horizon.

Whole Food - Plant Based

So come along with us on this tasty journey through the world of Whole Food Plant Based eating. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sustainable eater with a plant-based diet, our WFPB blogs have something to offer for everyone. Be inspired, learn, and enjoy the benefits of a nourishing and sustainable lifestyle.