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The Austrian waters are home to numerous sought-after fish species, including trout, pike, and carp. This diversity makes Austria an ideal destination for anglers seeking an unforgettable fishing experience. From majestic alpine lakes to flowing rivers like the Danube, each location offers its own unique charm.

My favourite fishing holiday destinations (in addition to the Netherlands) are:

Thanks to this trip, I had the opportunity to speak extensively with local anglers and gather information about the world of fishing in Austria.

Fishing in Austria: Everything you want to know

Popular fish species in Austria

Austria boasts a rich population of fish, making it a fantastic destination for fishing enthusiasts. Predator fishing is particularly popular, evident in the abundance of fishing stores stocked with lures, streamers, and artificial flies. Among the most popular freshwater fish species you can catch in Austria are:

  1. Trout
  2. Carp
  3. Pike
  4. Zander (Walleye)
  5. Perch
  6. Roach
  7. Grayling
  8. Catfish
  9. Rainbow Trout
  10. Barbel
  11. Bream

Practical guide for fishing in Austria

I’ll provide you with all the essential information you need for a successful day of fishing in Austria, from permits and regulations to fishing equipment and necessary supplies.

Fishing techniques and popularity among the local population vary by region, and in my opinion, this is the most realistic breakdown in terms of popularity.

  • East Austria: The Neusiedlersee in East Austria is a paradise for anglers seeking diverse fish species such as zander, eel, pike, carp, and catfish. The region stands out for its unique landscape, offering ideal conditions for freshwater fishing enthusiasts.
  • West Austria: West Austria, with its stunning lakes like Lünersee and the waters of Bregenzerwald, is renowned for trout fishing. This region provides a picturesque setting for a relaxing fishing experience in nature, where fly fishing is a popular method.
  • South Austria: In the south of Austria, particularly in Styria, you’ll find excellent fishing sites like Ausseerland and Koppentraun, famous for their trout. The Altausseer See and Grundlsee are also popular destinations for catching various fish species, including lake trout and perch.
  • North Austria: North Austria is full of fishing opportunities, especially around the rivers Kamp, Thaya, and Lainsitz, as well as the reservoir lakes Ottenstein and Dobra in Waldviertel. Here, anglers can enjoy catching different fish species in a serene and natural environment.

Best fishing spots and places in Austria

Austria is a hidden gem for anglers, with an abundance of stunning fishing spots that will awe you. In my opinion, here are the most captivating places to fish in Austria:

  1. Vienna: This historic city is surrounded by beautiful rivers and lakes, ideal for various types of fishing.
  2. Salzburg: Known for its picturesque landscapes, Salzburg offers excellent fishing opportunities in its rivers and lakes.
  3. Innsbruck: In the alpine region of Innsbruck, you’ll find excellent spots for mountain fishing, especially for trout.
  4. Graz: Graz is surrounded by some of the most beautiful fishing waters in Austria, including the Mur and Drau rivers.
  5. Linz: On the banks of the Danube, Linz offers fantastic opportunities for freshwater fishing.

The more you explore Austria, the more you’ll discover that certain places appeal more or less to you. This is something I’ve also experienced with friends and colleagues; depending on your fishing style and enthusiasm, you may develop a preference for certain fishing spots.

Carp fishing in Austria

Carp fishing in Austria is an experience every angler should relish. The country offers a wealth of water bodies where large and challenging carp can be found. Austrian lakes and rivers, known for their clear water and healthy fish stocks, make it an ideal destination for carp anglers.

In Austrian waters, anglers can catch carp of various sizes, including some impressive specimens. Many anglers are drawn to large lakes like Neusiedlersee and Bodensee, where carp fishing can be both exciting and rewarding. The Danube and its tributaries also provide excellent opportunities to catch carp.

Anglers who appreciate tranquility and nature can explore the smaller lakes and ponds scattered throughout the country. These water bodies are often less crowded and offer a serene fishing experience in beautiful surroundings. Additionally, carp fishing in Austria is not limited to the summer months; in spring and autumn, there are also many opportunities to capture beautiful carp.

Austria has a rich fishing tradition and provides facilities such as angler-friendly accommodations and specialised fishing stores.

Trout fishing in Austria

Trout fishing in Austria is a popular and rewarding activity for anglers of all levels. The country offers numerous stunning locations to catch trout, with its crystal-clear streams, rivers, and lakes.

One of the main attractions for trout anglers in Austria is the alpine rivers and streams. These waters are renowned for their purity and the abundance of native trout, such as river trout and rainbow trout. Anglers can enjoy the challenge of catching these cunning fish in the natural and often breathtaking environment of the Austrian Alps.

In many regional nature parks in Austria, such as Gesäuse National Park and Hohe Tauern National Park, special fishing zones have been established where sustainable fishing is encouraged. These areas not only offer excellent fishing opportunities but also contribute to the preservation of natural habitats and fish populations.

To fish in Austria, a fishing permit is required, available at local fishing stores, tourist offices, or online. Some locations may also have specific rules and restrictions, so it is advisable to inquire in advance about local regulations.

Coarse fishing in Austria

Coarse fishing in Austria is a delight for those who enjoy peaceful and relaxing fishing. With its extensive network of rivers, streams, and lakes, Austria provides a wealth of opportunities to catch various coarse fish, such as roach, bream, tench, and rudd. Popular areas for coarse fishing include the Danube, Inn, and lakes in the Salzkammergut region, where anglers can enjoy the serene environment and abundance of fish. Coarse fishing often requires patience and precision, offering a peaceful way to appreciate Austria’s natural beauty.

Predator fishing in Austria

In Austria, I am particularly enchanted by the clear mountain lakes and predator-rich rivers, including pike, zander, and perch. My favourite destinations are the picturesque waters of Tyrol and Salzkammergut, each unique in its own way. These places are surrounded by stunning nature and provide perfect hiding spots for large predators.

My approach is always focused on exploring the waters, whether by boat or along the shores. Observing baitfish and identifying predator hunting grounds is crucial. Often, in a day, I discover where the big fish are – near underwater structures, rocky formations, or in the depths. Finding these hotspots, where both baitfish and large pike lurk, is always an exciting challenge.

For me, trolling with artificial lures is the most effective method. This technique maximises my fishing time and chances, primarily using traditional lures for predatory fishing. I experiment with different speeds and depths, depending on the location and fish preferences.

Sometimes, predatory fishing in Austria is a real challenge, and there are days when my fishing companions and I catch nothing. But with the right technique, bait choice, and location, the moments when predators bite are unforgettable. Fishing in Austria is, for me, an adventure full of suspense and spectacular moments, where each catch tells its own story.

Fishing License in Austria

To fish in different states in Austria, you need to possess a valid official fishing permit. This permit is obtained by taking a fishing exam, the content and preparation of which may vary depending on the state.

You can usually find information about the requirements and the fishing exam from the fishing association in your state:

  • Landesfischereiverband OÖ (Upper Austria)
  • NÖ Landesfischereiverband (Lower Austria)
  • Landesfischereiverband Salzburg (Salzburg)
  • Tiroler Fischereiverband (Tyrol)
  • Landesfischereiverband Steiermark (Styria)
  • Fischereiverband Vorarlberg (Vorarlberg)
  • Kärntner Fischereivereinigung (Carinthia)

Additionally, you must pay an annual fee for your fishing permit to make it valid. This fee has different names in different states. It is crucial to bring proof of payment of this fee to the water.

A fishing license or authorization is also required for fishing, granting permission to fish in a specific body of water. The information that licenses must contain is also regulated by various fishing laws. Always carry your license with you to the water.

For over 330 fishing sites in Austria, you can purchase your license online through Discover your favorite fishing spot now.

Tourist Permits:

If you want to fish as a tourist in Austria, different requirements also apply. In many states, you can apply for a “Fischergastkarte” or “Gastfischerkarte,” which is usually valid for several days or weeks.

For more detailed information, it is advisable to also check specific articles by state and individual state fishing laws.

3 Golden tips for a successful day of fishing in Austria

As an experienced angler in Austria, I’m happy to share some useful fishing tips and techniques that have greatly helped me and will assist you in making your fishing day a success.

  1. Talk to locals and fishing stores; Austrians are very helpful.
  2. Definitely try pike fishing if you’re in Austria; this type of fishing is unique.
  3. Don’t fish in the same spot for a week; explore the water and get to know the environment.
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The ideal fishing seasons in Austria

Austria offers excellent fishing opportunities throughout the year, with each season presenting its unique highlights. Discover which fish species are best caught during different seasons.

Spring (March, April, May)

Spring is an ideal time for fishing in Austria. Nature awakens, and many fish species become more active. It’s the period when trout and common chub are often spawning. Fishing spots along rivers and lakes come to life, making it the perfect time for fly fishing and spinning. The waters are often still cool, making fish accessible in shallow areas.

Summer (June, July, August)

In summer, Austrian waters are at their warmest, offering different challenges and opportunities for anglers. This period is ideal for catching carp, pike, and perch. Longer days provide more time for fishing, and night fishing can be particularly fruitful, especially for carp. It’s also a perfect time for family fishing due to pleasant weather.

Autumn (September, October, November)

Autumn is a favourite time for many sports anglers in Austria. Fish become more active as they prepare for winter, often increasing the chances of a catch. It’s also the time of year when fly anglers focus on chub and trout. The natural beauty of the environment, with changing leaves and clear days, contributes to a unique fishing experience.

Winter (December, January, February)

During the winter months, Austria offers unique opportunities for ice fishing, especially in mountainous areas. Despite cold temperatures, some fish like trout remain active under the ice. Ice fishing requires special equipment and safety measures, but it can be an unforgettable experience. In some lower regions, rivers remain ice-free, allowing for continued fly fishing.

Fishing with the family in Austria

Fishing in Austria with the family offers unique opportunities and adventures throughout the seasons. The diverse Austrian water bodies, from tranquil lakes to flowing rivers, are perfect for family outings. In winter, while some species like pike and perch may be deeper, they remain active. Using the right fishing techniques and baits is essential for success during these colder months.

Austria is a fantastic destination for anglers of all ages, with each season offering its own charm and challenges. From spring to winter, fishing opportunities vary, making this destination versatile for the whole family.

Spending time together and enjoying the beautiful nature and fishing opportunities in Austria will undoubtedly create unforgettable memories. So, prepare your fishing rods, gear up for fun, and experience unforgettable fishing moments with your family in picturesque Austria.

Fishing equipment and supplies for fishing in Austria

To fully enjoy your fishing experience in Austria, it’s essential to be well-prepared with the right equipment. Here’s an overview of the essentials:

Two types of fishing gear are recommended for fishing in Austria. Firstly, a medium/light-sized fishing rod, suitable for catching trout, perch, and pike. This rod can also be used for catching other fish species.

Secondly, a pike fishing rod is a valuable addition. It is effective not only for pike but can also be used to catch other species, such as carp.

It’s important to emphasize that a specific choice of fishing rod per fish species is preferable. For detailed advice and tips on the appropriate equipment, you can always visit BIVoutdoor or a local fishing specialist in Austria.

Fishing holidays in Austria

If you truly want to enjoy an unforgettable fishing experience in Austria, why not plan a fishing holiday? Here are some excellent options for a waterfront stay:

Top 5 Waterfront Chalets in Austria

  1. Seehäusl am Wolfgangsee – Quaint cabins by the clear waters of Wolfgangsee, perfect for quiet and relaxing holidays.
  2. Haus am See Attersee – Cozy cottages offering magnificent views of Lake Attersee, ideal for families and nature lovers.
  3. Ferienhäuser Gerlitzen Alpe – Located near Gerlitzen Alpe and Lake Ossiacher See, ideal for hiking and water sports enthusiasts.
  4. Wörthersee Lakeside Cottages – Luxury cottages overlooking the popular Wörthersee, known for its crystal-clear waters and vibrant cultural events.
  5. Zell am See Chalets – Modern chalets by Lake Zeller See, famous for its stunning landscapes and numerous recreational opportunities, both in summer and winter.

Top 5 Waterfront Campsites in Austria

  1. Campingplatz Seeblick Toni – Situated by the picturesque Lake Reintalersee in Tyrol, this campsite offers a unique blend of natural beauty and comfort. Ideal for families who enjoy water activities.
  2. Camping MondSeeLand – By the beautiful Lake Mondsee, this campsite offers a peaceful atmosphere with breathtaking views. Perfect for anglers and nature lovers.
  3. Alpen Caravan Park Achensee – Located by Lake Achensee, Tyrol’s largest lake, this spot is great for water sports enthusiasts and enjoying magnificent mountain scenery.
  4. Seecamping Berghof – On the southern shore of Lake Ossiacher See, this campsite offers a combination of relaxation and adventure with direct access to the lake.
  5. Camping Neusiedl am See – By Lake Neusiedler See, Austria’s largest steppe lake, ideal for bird watchers and windsurfers.

With this comprehensive guide to fishing in Austria, you have everything you need for a fantastic fishing experience in this beautiful country. Whether you want to catch carp, trout, coarse fish, or predatory fish, Austria offers each angler an unforgettable time.

Enjoy your fishing holiday in Austria and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Do you have any tips or personal fishing experiences in Austria that you would like to share? Reply to this message and let us know. I'd love to learn from your insights and enhance the text with new information and additional tips. Thank you in advance for your efforts and contribution!
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In Austria, each region has its specific fishing rules. To fish, a fishing permit is essential, which you must present as proof to obtain a fishing card.

These cards, ranging from daily to monthly permits, are available at most tourism offices. With these cards and permits, you are allowed to fish in the specified Austrian waters.

Yes, Austria provides excellent fishing opportunities. The country has beautiful rivers and lakes where various fish species, including trout, grayling, and rainbow trout, can be caught. Fishing in the Austrian countryside is a popular activity that attracts both local and international anglers.

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